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Openminds Tech (OMT) is the IT consulting services wing of Openminds that offers premium business technology with a focus on cloud computing and cyber security.


     At OMT, we know businesses that succeed do so because they adapt to change. We embody this principle with the help of our partners who deploy team of experts, well-trained professionals and technology strategists so your business can gain an edge.

What we do ?

We harness a unique mix of local and global management consulting experience and believe that skill is key in solving IT security problems. We leverage data coupled with best-in-class technology, driven by threat analysts, cyber threat intelligence experts, and researchers across our technology partners to ensure you achieve the best results

Cyber Security

Every year, the frequency of cyber-attacks skyrockets at breakneck speed. Traditional IT security approaches have failed to prove their efficacy. As attackers are evolving, so must you.
In tandem with our partners, we identify gaps and vulnerabilities in your network and look for opportunities to improve them. This includes services needed for incident response, strategies to address flaws in information security systems, and actionable measures to execute mitigation strategies.

Data Analytics

Data is the new oil. While businesses adopt digitization as a necessity, there is an increased reliance on tools that can help sift through Big Data to find the insights that will help you grow.
OMT and Alteryx are two juggernaut business intelligence platforms that help customers achieve outcomes from their data to create business-changing breakthroughs every day. From designing reliable forecasts in an unpredictable economy to developing fair and equitable compensation packages for employees, the daily business and societal challenges we face demand data-driven answers.
Now, analytics is not just for the IT department. We bring it to the people who run the business. With real time access to information, ability to extract insights and do analysis on the go, we enable you to stand apart from your competition.

Cloud Computing

We offer comprehensive cloud computing services such as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) with flexible & transparent pricing models. No more wastages as we work with you to optimize your cost, while ensuring uptime and a secure environment. We increase productivity, flexibility, and efficiency of your business with our state-of-the-art cloud computing services.
As your technology partners in cloud computing, we take you through the complete lifecycle of Design, Migration, Optimization and ongoing support.

Cyber Protection


BitSight offers the most widely adopted Security Ratings solution with a mission to change the way the world addresses cyber risk. A leader in Security Ratings, Bitsight is currently supporting more than 50% of global insurance premiums and 20% of global governments.


Relying on your SOC team to field security alerts in real-time significantly increases the risk of a data breach or compromise. SecLytics Augur is the first and only Predictive Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP). It means that while other TIPs identify and alert, Augur resets the bar by predicting attacks and adjusting your security posture to block threats before they get to your network.

High-availability Cloud Computing Services

Amazon Web Services

For the Cloud Computing, our strategic partner is AWS (Amazon Web Services). Be it IaaS, PaaS or a combination of these two, AWS is a world leader by far in cloud services. Gone are the days when you worried about data centers, servers and storage, delaying the true value creation you require from technology. We can get you up and running in minutes. You can now focus on the use case, on your business and let us worry about uptime and servers.

Breakthrough data analytics


To cater to large streams of data coming through your business daily, we have partnered with Alteryx, a company that enables everyone to deliver breakthrough outcomes with automated analytics and data science. Alteryx helps customers gain insight from their raw data that helps make informed decisions.

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